Work in partnership in Health and Social Care or Children and Young Peoples Settings Custom Essay

Identify the features of effective partnership working

All the parties involved have some sort of personal stake in the partnership; All the partners are working

towards a common aim;

The partners have a similar ethos or system of beliefs;

The partners work together over a reasonable period of time; There is agreement amongst the partners

that a partnership is necessary; There is an understanding of the value of what each partner can

contribute; There is respect and trust between the different partners

They share creativity, risk, responsibility and resources;

Participants are able to feed off each other’s energy and enthusiasm; They can attract more funding

from a diverse range of sources; They highlight different issues, problems and solutions;

There is more potential for productivity/efficiency;

Service delivery is often more effective;

They offer support and diversity.

1.2 Explain the importance of partnership working with


Partnership working with colleagues it ensures that the service is delivered as a team and that all

members of the team contribute their strengths to deliver a high standard of care and support to an

individual. It ensures that all of the team feel compete

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