Vulnerable Population Assessment- Immigrants Custom Essay

Vulnerable Population Assessment: ( Topic- Immigrants – from my country Philippines ): Vulnerable Populations who are susceptible to poor health because of socio- environmental factors; those within a population who tolerate a larger burden of illness and distress than that of others; more inclined to become ill and usually do not receive appropriate care Health Determinants: Questions to answer ( thank you ) 1. Client assessed according to health determinants: Income and Social status; Social Support Networks; Education and literacy; Employment/ working conditions ( My client is a female, she just move here to work in Fast food as a Cook/ kitchen staff and take oppurtunity to apply as supervisor, so she can apply to permanent residency ( as a skilled worker ) She almost 2 years now working here in Canada , single mom & four kids back home. 2. Client assessed according to health determinants : Social environment;Physical environments, personal health practices and coping skills 3. Client assesed according to health determinants: Healthy child development, Biology, and genetic Endowment 4.Client assed according to heath determinants; Health services, gender and culture 5. Two priority determinants determined with rationale (1. Income and Social Status & Employment / working condition ( she work here as a foreign worker, applying for permanent residency ) *Analysis of Assessment ( question to answer as well.. Thank you) 1.Determined/ described resource available and described level of prevention of resource 2. Determined health risk and challenge to the client 3. Determined two challenges for the community organization 4. Identified 1 actual nursing diagnosis related to vulnerability characteristics and rationale as to why it is priority 5. Identified one potential nursing diagnosis and provided rationale as to why it is priority 6. Provided 1 SMART goal for each diagnosis * References used meet minimum standard, current ( less than 5 yrs old, minimum of 3 references, minimum of at least one journal. Thank you. Sorry , I have lots of question , maybe just a short description of each question & I can elaborate the rest. But can you give me the actual & potential diagnosis with problem, related to , as evidenced by ( 3 parts).. thank you very much.

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