Using Information Technology to Improve Patient Safety and Quality of Nursing Care

Using Information Technology to Improve Patient Safety and Quality of Nursing Nursing informatics serves to facilitate the integration of data, knowledge and information to support patients, nursing staff and other healthcare professionals in their decision-making in all settings and roles. Information Technology is a vital tool that facilitates transfer of information that improves patient care. The purpose of this paper is to provide a reflection of what I have learned about the issues of data quality, patient safety, as well as access to health care in relation to information technology. Data accuracy and safety There are several strategies that are utilized to ensure the safety and accuracy of data entered into information systems used in nursing. (i) Data Validation: this will make sure that the information entered into the information system is accurate. Without data validation, the healthcare institution may incur a data entry error rate of between two percent and 8 percent (Miner & Bolding, 2014). It is of note that the weakest link in many processes is basically at the point in which the data is entered manually into the information system of the hospital

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