Transition from Enrolled Nurse to Registered Nurse

The nursing labor force in Australia mainly consists of registered nurses and enrolled nurses that have distinct education background and scope of practice (Lisa Hutchison & John, 2011). Registered nurses (RNs) have a background in Bachelor of Nursing while enrolled nurses (ENs) have either certificate or diploma obtained through vocational education and training (Ralph, Birks, Chapman, Muldoon, & Mcpherson, 2013). Human resource management must provide support to transition RNs with EN experience. It is particularly imperative in the prevailing times where there is increased global nurse shortage. Workforce strategies negatively impact on staffing levels and result in increased job dissatisfaction amongst existing nurses and also result in lower standards care for patients. Human resource management professionals must implement interventions to foster increased workers retention and job satisfaction. It may be accomplished through provision of adequate support to RNs in the transitional phase as an effective way of ensuring retention as addressing workforce shortages (Burns & Poster, 2008).

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