This is part of a master plan project in Dubai. Th Nursing Essay

This is part of a master plan project in Dubai. The task is to imagine that Dubai International Airport is being completely removed from the city, and we will plan a community there. We have adopted a final proposal called “The Inter-Connected Courtyards” which will be a community that replaces that area. It will incorporate lots of courtyards and enhance walkability and connectivity in the city. Please read the attached overview of our proposal and the vision and goals of the project. You must adhere to the stated vision and goals.What I would like you to please do is to write about how these features will be in the community. Please provide specific details. USE SUBTITLES.1. Neighborhood Character – how we will enhance the community life in this proposal. (sense of community life) e.g. neighborhood parks or playgrounds .. Thermal comfort, safety, and security within neighborhoods.2. Public services and facilities – Safety (police, fire etc., Health (hospitals, clinics) – Education – Leisure and entertainment (parks, malls etc. )3. Social services – elderly, poor, disabled (ADA)4. Civic centers – such as libraries or museums – we are preserving the royal terminal, so this terminal can be revitalized and libraries and museums and other centers can be placed there.5. Institutional – education – we are having one large university within the community.6. Sustainability – how will our community be sustainable – we are using trams, enhancing walkability, carpooling ..Please have a look at the example of the lively city master plan done by students previously. The task I am asking you to do is the last part (p.132 and on) please do not write in the form of points. Please read our vision statement and goals to complement your ideas. Our community is called “The Inter-Connected Courtyards”

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