Theatre Medical Planning, Integration of Care of Patients into the UK, Strategic Medical Issues Custom Essay

During the SOMME 1916 – how do the issues associated with TACEVAC from CCS to General Hospitals compare to TACEVAC challenges in current british military operations? Discuss: modes of transport, role of PECC in TACEVAC, balance between clinical precision with speed and capacity requirements, returning ersonnel to duty. 2. How do the issues with distributing military casulties into the UK national health sector compare between 1916 and current arrangements? discuss: the healthcare cycle as a descriptive model, military/civilian medical planning pre and post NHS, possible impact of current NHS changes, national rehabilitation capacity. 3.How do the challenges described in strategic management of the Army Medical Serivices in World War 1 compare to current issues in the Ministry of Defence(UK) Do not expain what any terms mean ie role 3 is….. Do not explain what the Somme was Do not explain Defence/Army medical services no diagrams or charts or pictures no introduction or conclusion required sources to definately use: official history of the australian army medical services, 1914-1918 vol 2 The Western Front (1st ed, 1940) chap 14, evacuation: expeditionary base general hospitals and chap 15, evacuation also Doctors in the Great War, Leo Cooper 1999, chap 6 – administration on the western front

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