The standard nutrition label on a processed food product will always contain the following EXCEPT Custom Essay

1. The standard nutrition label on a processed food product will always contain the following EXCEPT

A) calories from fat.

B) calories per serving.

C) total fat per serving.

D) percentage daily value of protein per serving.

2. When a product is labeled “fat free,” it means that it contains no

A) more than 0.5 percent fat per serving.

B) fat that can be detected by any measure.

C) fat that is of any nutritional significance.

D) more than 5 percent of the fat of the non-fat-free version.

3. Most Americans should increase their consumption of which of the following?

A) sodium

B) cholesterol

C) simple carbohydrates

D) complex carbohydrates

4. The Dietary Guidelines for Americans include all of the following recommendations EXCEPT

A) we should exercise at least thirty minutes a day.

B) we should choose and prepare food with less salt.

C) nondrinkers should drink moderately.

D) we should eat a variety of grains daily.

5. The term discretionary calories refers to foods that

A) are very high in fats.

B) are low in both calories and nutrients.

C) are high in calories but low in nutrients.

D) provide nutrients above and beyond the recommended daily allowances.

6. Which of the following is FALSE regarding a vegetarian diet?

A) Even if a vegetarian eats a balanced diet, she has more iron deficiencies than meat eaters.

B) The diet relies on plants sources for most of the nutrients the body needs.

C) Vegetarians tend to get enough calcium from products like tofu.

D) Vegetarian diets encompass a range from diets that allow some animal products to those that exclude all animal products.

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