The misuse and abuse of alcohol in Australia Research Paper

This assessment task is an assignment that requires you to demonstrate understanding of
the misuse and abuse of alcohol in Australia.

Assignment question:

Alcohol consumption and the misuse of alcohol continue to cause a high level of harm in
Australian communities. The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW 2014)
reported that the rate of alcohol related hospitalisations has risen annually over the last
decade, from around 200 to 270 hospitalisations per 100,000. An increase in people
reporting being a victim of physical abuse (4.5% to 8.1%) and being put in fear (13.1% to
14.3%) by those under the influence of alcohol was also highlighted by the AIHW (2014).

*Evaluate the following health promotion campaign for the characteristics that should ensure
its effectiveness in increasing community awareness:
access this following website:

*Your evaluation must include evidence of the harm associated with misuse of alcohol in
adults and children in Australia and should include an explanation of the rationale for the

*Drawing on your evaluation of the programme, what mental health promotion
interventions could you implement to promote the wellbeing and the resilience of patients
and families affected by alcohol misuse?

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