The Effects of Company CSR Initiatives- A Case Study of Angola Custom Essay

Darkness at Noon by Arthur Koestler is a disturbing account of Nicholas
Rubashov, a devout communist party member, who faces charges in the Moscow Show Trials of
the 1930s. You are to read this harrowing tale and answer the following questions. How does
Koestler’s story depict the radical results of an authority figure with limitless power and totally
ignorance of his people? Why must Rubashov confess to crimes he didn’t commit, and how does
he reconcile being forced to do this? Why is it important that Rubashov is not “perfect,” in other
words, he is a normal, average person with flaws and attributes and not a saint? How realistic do
you find Koestler’s novel? Finally, what purpose did Koestler have in writing this book? Utilize
numerous examples from the text to support your arguments.
WRITING INSTRUCTIONS: Your essay will be 6-7 double-spaced pages in length. All papers
will have standard margins (1″ or 1.25″) and be in a standard 12-point font like Times New
Roman or New York. Footnote your references by putting them in parentheses; for example: (p.
71). Other than the reading packet, which is required, you should not need to use outside

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