The Cost of Health Care

Health Care Cost Inflation In a few months, the United States will have an inaugural national discussion regarding health care in 15 years. While the talk will include the means of increasing the availability of medical insurance and making the American health care system safer, better, and efficient, minimum discussions are expected on measures to arrest the ever growing medical costs (Brown, 2014). This paper provides a discussion on health care costs inflation and describes the forces that are influencing the rise in health care costs. In addition, the paper provides a strategy used by nurses to control the inflation including a discussion of an effective method to curb the inflation. Forces Influencing Increase in Costs The increase in health care cost in the United States is attributed to several factors. Today, the nation’s expenditure on health care services is the greatest globally expenditure and exceeds $2.6 trillion. This about 18% of its GDP and in most of the year’s spending has risen faster than inflation and the overall economy. This can be attributed to more than one factor (Bipartisan Policy Center, 2012).

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