Surviving Breast Cancer Research Paper

Write a Narrative Essay about the things I went through when my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer

Things to know:
-November 1,2011 was when she was diagnosed it was also her birthday I was 19 years old at the time
-Told just me and my two older siblings at there house and the youngest 3 didn’t find out until about a year later
-I’m very close with my mom we talk about everything together couldn’t picture my life without her
-Since I stayed a hour away in college with no car was difficult to be around as much as I wanted
-She had to go through chemotherapy and radiation therapy, hair loss, she started wearing wigs
-I started to fail some of my college courses because I had to stay focus on my mother by taking her back and fourth to the doctor
-It was hard to watch her go through her treatments
-In 2013 she was breast cancer free
-We attend Hope of the harvest to celebrate breast cancer survivors in savannah,ga

– You can include anything else to make the story come together

– Have details but not to many,
Conversational, specific word choice

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