Social systems: Sydney, Australia: Allen & Unwin. The topic is focussed around Aboriginal Australians Custom Essay

This is a reflective essay At least one reference must include something from Gemov, J., & Poole, M. (2015). Public sociology: An introduction to Australian society (3rd ed.). Sydney, Australia: Allen & Unwin. The topic is focussed around Aboriginal Australians – Australian Government Intervention – (in an attempt to stop drug and alcohol abuse, sexual assaults and family and domestic violence). This essay should answer; a) describe and define what is meant by social systems, and explain the interrelationships and interdependence between individuals, communities and social structures b) explain social systems of governance, globalisation, media, information communication technology, education, health and analyse how these systems shape and constrain the opportunities and wellbeing of individuals in society c) identify the key trends of globalisation and individualisation that are shaping contemporary societies and analyse how these reshape personal identities and relationships d) apply sociological concepts and thinking to contemporary social issues and everyday examples e) reflect upon key changes in contemporary society, including their own place in society The essay needs to include: ? A 400 to 500 word entry on what is a social system and its most significant characteristics. Include a reflection on how your understanding of a social system has changed since starting this unit. ? Identification of one selected social system, including its goal or function. Has its function changed over time? ? Identify a recent Australian social issue or event that illustrates how the selected social system exerts influence on individuals, groups and other social systems.Identify at least one sociological theory that might be relevant to your event and social system. ? In a short section of about 200 words, reflecting on the significance of social systems overall on social science ? Evidence of appropriate self-reflection and insight ? Make reference to relevant theory and academic literature (minimum of six references). ? Provide a reference list.

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