Social Determinants of Health Research Paper

Essay- Social Determinants of Health
A person’s health can be affected by many factors such as housing, income and environment. In this essay you are to discuss why housing, income and environment are considered social determinants of health and how it affects the health of the population. You are to specifically address the following:
1. Define and explain the term ‘social determinants of health’
2. Explain why housing, income, and environment are considered social determinants of health
3. Provide specific examples of how a person’s housing, income and environment can negatively impact their
The assignment must include an introduction and a conclusion and be supported by a minimum of 6 references (preferably less than five (5) years in age) which, include a minimum of three peer reviewed (academic) journals, text book references or valid web sites.
A total of 1200-1500 words is required (excluding reference page) which is to be submitted electronically on or before the due date via Safe Assign, and this must include the reference page.
Objectives of this assessment are to:
?? Reflect on the knowledge gained and represent this in appropriate academic written format
?? Develop study skills on the topic in preparation for the examination

Marking criteria

Part 1- Essay – Social determinants of health (30%)
Marks Available
Marks Achieved
Introduction States topic, is clear, concise and reflects the focus and content of the essay. Gives readers overview of the essay and direction of how the essay will unfold (logical). Why the topic is important in terms of the discipline.
Conclusion Draws together the findings from each section of the argument. States overall conclusion based on findings/analysis. Relates thoughts on these conclusions to the problem in the topic and the wider context. Does not introduce new information. Does not include references.
Defines and explains the term ‘social determinants of health’
Explains why housing, income, environment and environment are considered social determinants of health (SDOH).
Provides examples of how a person’s housing, income, and environment can negatively impact on health.
Referencing At least 6 current and relevant references, at least half being journal articles. Applies the literature and uses it to support activity with critical application and discussion evident.
Quality of literature is excellent: All recent and evidence based.
Presented as per ‘The Mariner’
Use of academic language.
Well written paragraphs that contain one or two themes.
Word length is indicated at the end of essay and is within 10% of the limit above and below the specified requirement.

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