Should Genetically Modified Foods be Banned?

Genetically modified foods are crop plants which are created for either human or animal consumption using the latest scientific techniques. The food crops are modified in order to increase their resistance to drought, diseases or to improve their nutritional value. Concerns have been raised by environmentalists, religious organizations, public interest groups, professional bodies, scientists and government officials about the genetically modified foods. They argue that genetically modified foods are environmental hazards and pose human health risks. It is because of these concerns that this paper come up with the thesis statement that, should genetically modified foods be banned? To answer the question the paper tries to look at both advantages and disadvantages of the GM foods. GM foods have contributed to the development of crops which are more resistant to diseases and have additional nutritional value; on the other hand it has impacted negatively to the environment and also exposed human beings to certain health risks.Background According to Moseley (2012), genetically modified foods first came to the market in 1990 when the Flavr Savr tomato was created by a California Company called Calgene and introduced to the market.

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