Sepsis Bundle Campaign Reduce the Risk of Mortality for in Septic Patients

PICOT Paper: sepsis bundle campaign reduce the risk of mortality for in septic patients Name Course Instructor Date PICOT question In the emergency department, does the initiation of the sepsis bundle campaign reduce the risk of mortality for in septic patients? Introduction Severe sepsis affects the mortality rate of patients in the emergency departments since infections can quickly spread if there is no early identification and management of the condition (Shin et al., 2013). As such, effective care sepsis bundle campaign ought to be undertaken to improve health outcomes. According to shin et al (2013), the resuscitation bundle may include antibiotics, early blood cultures early goal directed therapy and serum lactate measurement. Emergency department crowding is one of the factors that impacts negatively on compliance with sepsis bundle campaign, and it is associated with decreased quality of life because of delay in vital care. This shows that the sepsis bundle campaign intervention is appropriate to manage sepsis. The mortality rates associated with severe sepsis can be as high as 30% within one month of infection and 50% in 6 months (Garber, 2010).

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