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Youare a program officer for a major health care foundation that wants torevitalize primary care in the United States. You have been asked to look atthe experiences of other countries to see whether the methods and ideas theyhave used to promote primary care might have application in this country. Hereis some of the information you have found about Spain and Switzerland:
Spain’s1978 Constitution declared health protection and health care to be the right ofevery citizen and required creation of a “universal, general, and free nationalhealth system that guaranteed equal access to preventive, curative, andrehabilitative services.” (Borkan, Eaton, Novillo-Ortiz, Corte, & Jadad,2010, p. 1433)
Comparedto the United States, by 2006, Spain had widened the gap in terms of greaterlife expectancy and lower infant mortality rates, and it had achieved ormaintained lower rates of premature death for most major diseases, at an annualcost of less than $2,700 per person, compared to the U.S. per-capita rate ofalmost $7,300.
Spain’srapid accomplishment relied on eight key principles: (a) greatly strengthenedprimary care; (b) giving citizens a voice in decisions; (c) adopting electronichealth records; (d) creating an accessible network of community pharmacies(with medications free to people older than 65 years of age and some othergroups); (e) regional and local flexibility in implementing national policy;(f) wide adoption of best practices; (g) a system wide approach that“transcend(s) traditional geographic, sector, and institutional boundaries”;and (h) a sustained, bipartisan commitment to achieving the goals of access andquality. (Borkan, Eaton, Novillo-Ortiz, Corte, & Jadad, 2010, p. 1438)
The systemis funded through tax dollars.

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