Seizure disorder Custom Essay

Topic: seizure disorder

Please make a PPT about Seizure Disorder case using the following information:

1) First write patient’s profile; (patient’s name: K.H, admision date: 28/10/2015, diagnosis: seizure disorder)

2) Vital signs; (hight:111 cm, weight: 25.8 kg, Temperature: 36.5 C, Route: Axilla, Blood suger level: 140 mg/dl, BP: 91/41, Pulse: 78, Respiration: 20)

3) Past Medical History: The had mild head injure while riding bicycle at home, also he has significant speech problem delay and going through speech therapy. in addition, he has no previous seizure history.

4) Please add the tables of CBC & Clinical Chemistry Report (attached files).

5) Write briefly about Seizure Disorder (etiology, pathophysiology, types of seizures, causes, risk factor, diagnosis, treatment options)

6) write SOAP about this case (Subjective, Objective, Assessment, Plan)

7) Wirte about Medications to treat or control seizure

8) Conclusion; Patient has tonic clonic type of seizure, please write about this type of seizure

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