Romeo and Juliet Nurse Monologue Custom Essay

I took the job with the Capulets because of my own daughter Susan. I needed to look after my own daughter, so some might say I was desperate. Unfortunately she passed away and is with God now, my little Susan was too good for me. And now for Juliet, hey always got on but she was too good for me. I kept on looking after Juliet because I still needed to look after myself and because Juliet became like a daughter to me. I didn’t want to lose a second daughter. When Juliet asked me to go and see Romeo, I agreed so she would be happy. I would do anything for my Juliet, she meant the world to me, and she was my daughter. Although we are not bound by blood, I care for Juliet as if she was my own; I know that Juliet thinks of me as her mother at least more that Lady Capulet. Some may beg to differ that without being bound by blood I am not her mother but my love for Juliet is like for Susan.

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