Practice and Innovation Manuscript Custom Essay

You are required to choose a chronic condition and a Chronic Disease Model of Care to improve outcomes for the individual within the primary care setting.


The title should be concise and appropriately informative and should contain all keywords necessary to facilitate retrieval by modern search techniques. Additional keywords not already contained in the title or abstract may be listed beneath the abstract. An abridged title suitable for use as a running head at the top of the printed page and not exceeding 50 characters should be supplied.

The abstract

The abstract should not exceed 200 words and should state concisely the scope of the work and potential findings. Acronyms and references should be avoided. The abstract should address the following headings:
• Aims – State the aim as: “This paper presents a discussion of …”.
• Background
• Data Sources (state inclusion dates of literature or data used)
• Discussion
• Implications for chronic condition and Primary Care
• Conclusion
The summary statement
The summary statement format must include 120 -270 words and address the following headings:
• What is already known about this topic
• What this paper adds
• Implications for practice and/or policy
Under each heading, there should be 2- 3 bullet points. Each bullet point should be concise, with between 20 and 30 words in each and ending with a full stop.
Each bullet point should stand alone as a meaningful statement (i.e. not needing to rely on preceding statements) and be written in proper sentences. All bullet points should be derived from the content of the paper and be supported by the evidence presented in the paper.
The summary statement should not contain abbreviations (except for a few that are self-explanatory and universally understood, e.g. HIV/AIDS). No references should be included. Colloquial terms and local details should not be included, and nor should the paper´s country of origin (unless that is essential, pertinent information). Instead the statements should be framed globally.
Statements under the 3rd heading are necessarily prescriptive, therefore using words such as ‘should’, but they must be based on evidence that is presented in the paper.

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