Plan for the Diagnosis and Treatment of Hypertension

Plans for the Diagnosis and Treatment of Hypertension Introduction Following an increase in the number of hypertensive patients that are reported on a daily basis globally, there is a need for an effective method to be used in the diagnosis and treatment of hypertension. According to Persson et al (2000), hypertension refers to a condition that interferes with the normal blood pumping in the human body. It is through blood high pressure that forces the process of blood pushing against the walls of the blood vessels. There are various implications in the body that results due to the presence of high blood pressure in the body. For instance, Chockalingam et al (2006) reveals that the presence of hypertension in the human body makes it difficult for the heart to function properly. It forces the heart to workers harder in order to ensure that blood is pumped to other blood vessels such as blood arteries. However, in the process where the rate of hypertension is high, it always interferes with functions of the heart leading to heart failure. Some of the causes of high blood pressure include smoking of cigarettes, use of much salt in the food, stress, genetics, chronic kidney disease, older age, lack of physical activities among others.

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