Nursing paper

Nursing Paper Question 1 Communication plays a vital role in any career since it is the center point for relations between people. In nursing I have learnt that communication plays a major role in an effective relationship between the patients and medics. With the relevant skills such as verbal communication I have been able to work efficiently and achieve the best (Ivanov & Blue, 2008). Through communication I can be able to manage conflicts, deal with and attend to patients well, since I can understand what they need. The course has also given me knowledge on active listening negotiation and participation. Personal communication is paramount in nursing as it plays a major role where patients are involved (Bosher & Pharris, 2008). The nurse and the patient must connect personally so that the nurse identifies the problem and is able to solve it effectively. In addition, personal connection will ensure the patient gives more details about the ailments which is positive for the treatment process. Another area I have increased knowledge on is patient assessment and care planning. In this part I have learnt to describe the required component of the patients; identifying timelines for completion of the assessment and describing the medical records and documentation (Young & Paterson, 2006)

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