Nursing Informatics

Nursing Informatics: Nursing Informatics are registered nurses with information technology skills. They use a combination of nursing and computer science to communicate data, information, and knowledge within the nursing profession. Nursing Informatics/ Informatics Nurses are involved in the design, development, implementation, education and evaluation of clinical information systems in various healthcare settings. These systems are then used to provide information to Nurses and other Healthcare professionals to assists in their decision making capabilities. Because of their nursing knowledge, Informatics Nurses are essential to the successful design and implementation of healthcare systems.
The duties of Nursing Informatics include:
 Designing, developing and implementing clinical software systems.
 Educating other healthcare professionals on the use of systems.
 Customizing systems to suit their purpose.
 Researching potential systems and evaluating their benefits.
 Using healthcare systems to access patient’s medical records and support critical decisions.
 Updating clinical systems with a patients details.
Where they work: Nursing Informatics work mainly in large hospitals and clinics, they may also work for the vendors of healthcare systems. Some work as consultants, travelling to various hospitals and healthcare centers, selecting, customizing, researching and maintaining systems.

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