Nursing Discussions/ Global health( Hunger/poverty/ malnutrition ,AIDS,Ebola,TB) Custom Essay

This Assignment has FOUR parts (1 Discussion Post and 3 Replies to colleagues’ post) Instructions: Respond to the assigned Discussion “Hunger/poverty/ malnutrition” and give a complete and thorough answers for the questions (#1-6) (Review the Discussion Question Rubric & Rubric for Global Health Online Discussion Remember to cite one reference from A peer reviewed journal article, Database Collection. Respond to at least three of your colleagues’ answers and reference your responses. The grade on this discussion will be based on your initial response to the discussion and three responses to your colleagues’ post on (AIDS,Ebola & TB) . For each response, cite at least one reference. Discussion responses will generally be at least 200 words. All entries should use appropriate grammar and follow general APA guidelines.

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