Nursing budget paper

Nursing has a history of promoting healthy lifestyle. Nurses are at the forefront of activities to promote health, developing and implementing programs to improve or maintain the healthy individuals, families, and communities. While it is important for these health promotion activities to be of high quality and accessible to all, they must also be cost effective.
Using your research knowledge and understanding of economic theories that underlie budgeting and finance in healthcare environment and as leader, using your leadership tools to engage in effective discussions and policy decision regarding finances at your workplace.
Develop a sample budget in a table format for health promotion activity. ( n/b you can choose these topics; 1. Diabetic education and control. 2. Healthy life style to improve weight loss. 3. smooking ceasation. 4. Fight on heart disease and many others you can think of. )
A) Define the problem the health promotion activity will address.
B) Using the table format, provide a basic budget that identifies the cost of implementing the health promotion activity.
a) Identify more than three appropriate fixed expenses related to implementation of the health promotion activity.
b) Identify more than three appropriate variable expenses related to implementation of the health promotion activity.

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