Nurse practitioner role case study power point Research Paper

CASE STUDY POWER POINT ON An infection? leads to blindness
The following criteria must be identified and discussed in the assigned case study case PowerPoint:
1. A synopsis and analysis of the case identifying what went right and wrong in the case. Include the perspectives of both the plaintiff and defendant.
2. The identification and description of the presence or absence of the four elements of malpractice (Buppert).
3. Standards of Care (met and violated) pertinent to the case including the clinician’s performance (include standards of care from professional society or licensing board (see Buppert, Chapter 14 including pages 457-461.
3. Your analysis of the malpractice case. What can be learned from this case?
4. Discussion of whether the provider practiced within clinician’s scope of practice? Substantiate your argument with evidence which is appropriately cited.
5. Discussion of your analysis of the outcome of case. Did you agree with the decision? Provide an argument.
6. Identification of strategies that may have reduced risk or avoided malpractice. Share your insight about why you think these strategies were not implemented.
7. Discussion of the implications of this case for APRN practice. Include the APRN responsibility as a patient advocate and the APRN’s role in patient and family education as it pertains to this case.
8. Reflection on your personal beliefs based on this case that will impact you as you enter APRN practice. Include at least three recommendations for avoiding negligence and malpractice.
9. Discuss the worth of this assignment in your growth as an APRN.
10. This PowerPoint Presentation will include a cover slide, reference page, cited references and have no more than 24 slides. This PowerPoint Presentation is worth 20% of your final grade. APA formatting is to be utilized to cite sources.

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