Nurse Leader Interview Paper Research paper

Identify a nurse leader in your current or previous employment and schedule time for an interview. (PLEASE NOT PEDIATRIC)
Ask the leader questions regarding the following topics:
• The difference between leadership and management
• Differentiating between leadership theories and styles
• Leadership style
• Changes made in leadership style as a result of evolving leadership roles
• Challenges faced as a leader in today’s health care systems
• Models of leadership practiced
• Nursing theory’s influence in a leadership role
• Important values a nurse leader should emulate
• Leadership theorist’s influence on nursing practice
• Safety, quality, and values and how these should impact the nursing leader role
Write a 1,200-word paper compiling the information from the interview.
Use information on any challenges faced as a leader.
Include a summary of how the information you gained from this interview will influence your career in the nursing field.

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