Mentally-challenged patients Custom Essay

analyze the below questions by comparing burnout/and or retention between two groups, providers who work with mentally-challenged patients, and providers who work with mainstream patients. You can compare burnout scores from a survey using an independent samples t-test. Or, you can compare retention-related percentage with a chi square.

Research Question:
Is burnout and retention more prevalent among providers who work with mentally challenged patients? What are some resources that could be employed to reduce burnout and increase employee retention?

Assignment 2 will contain your Introduction section from Assignment 1, will add content to the Literature Review, will contain the Methodssection describing how you will collect and analyze your data, and will contain an initial draft of your survey.
Literature Review (Phase 2):

Select two additional references that support the methods you’ll use to collect (survey) and analyze your data (regression, t-test, ANOVA, etc.). Write two-to-three paragraphs describing the content of each reference. In your paragraphs, provide a brief background on how each reference relates to the data-collection portion of your research project.

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