Mental health services in correctional facilities Research Paper

Begin your field research by identifying the subject matter experts for the topic you have chosen. You can access a company website for information, conduct a needs assessment, take surveys to gather viewpoints, or conduct interview(s). Often, a combination of the components yields the best result. Choose at least one method that involves contacting an individual or individuals considered to be knowledgeable in the area of your research.

The report of field data should be at least one page; but no longer than two pages in length.

In this assignment,

Report the evidence and facts you gathered from your chosen method of inquiry. TOPIC: Mental health services in correctional facilities
List the questions you asked and the answers received. Be sure to indicate whether the questions were fact gathering or soliciting an opinion or viewpoint – use socratic questions on the list provided, if possible.
You can organize the field data in different ways.
Do not provide an analysis of the data in this assignment; that will come in the next module. Simply report the data you gathered.

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