Locus Of Control Custom Essay

Please respond to the following and give your opinion in an opinion format……. Upon completing the worksheet, I found that my locus of control is highly external, having scored a ratio of 6:3 in favor of B. This was hardly a surprise for me though, but even with the results, I should clarify that I believe we all choose our own paths, but we should accept the fact that there will always be other factors at play in the outcomes of our decisions. In the book, it mentioned that Americans were constantly growing into the external locus of control. “Unfortunately, such feelings are consistent with increasing cynicism and depression” (Friedman & Schustack, 2012, p.235). This might be true, but it also gives the external group a bad rep. A bit of both internal and external groups is needed, as conforming to just one group would be trying to change who an individual is, which might be the wrong approach. This goes for extroverts and introverts as well, which is similarly approached. Instead of trying to change them completely, maybe focusing on changing just the negative influences could work out better for people. As for how teachers could help develop the students’ internal locus of control, (and this is a biased answer), maybe not piling work and creating unnecessarily hard assignments and tests could be a starter. Instead, focusing on dialing back on the tests and actually helping the students study for them and learn something (as opposed to just memorizing information and dumping them after) might be a better approach. After all, most of what we learn is useless information that almost all of us will never need for our career anyway. Sorry for the crude wording, but this is the case for everyone. And by doing this, students might actually develop a healthy studying habit and develop more confidence through this, rather than, as the book states, “be depressed and stressed” (Friedman & Schustack, 2012, p.235). Also, going to the worksheet, I thought that number 7 was incredibly inaccurate. As a Christian, I know for certain that God allows us to choose our own paths, which is part of the whole love and free will thing. He knows everything that will happen, sure, but people assuming that that means he chooses our paths for us is misguided. He might have a plan for someone, but there are millions of others they can take as well. There can be more than one right path. References Friedman, H. & Schustack, M. (2012). Personality: Classic theories and modern research (5th ed.). NY: Pearson.

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