Life as a Nurse Custom Essay

When I arrived to Brunswick Novant Medical Center, it was a nice day, the sun was out and the flowers were in bloom down the pathway leading up to the main entrance. When I walked into the hospital, wearing my scrubs there was a cool chill to the air much different from the outside. It was pretty chilly in there and the building smelled like hand sanitizer. The main lobby was very welcoming with chairs and magazines on the little end tables. The receptionists at the desk welcomed me with an inviting greeting, “May I help you”. I went towards the hall on the left that led to the elevators that took me to the second floor, where the nurse I was going to interview worked at. When I got out the elevator I was on the second floor, a unit clerk at the nurses’ station told me to take a right and it led to another nurses’ station where Rhonda Ward waited for me. Rhonda Ward is the nurse I interviewed, and she is a registered nurse at Brunswick Novant Medical Center. During the day I was with her, I got to observe her daily routine as a nurse.

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