Leadership for Quality and Safety in Healthcare Research Paper

1. Identify, and provide an evidence-based overview of: a system improvement implemented recently in the workplace or in the health care system.

To address this task students may choose to focus on-Quality improvement initiative at a facility level-Hospital-wide falls prevention program.

2. Show how leadership, professional communication and interpersonal skills have been used when working in partnership with patients, families and carers to promote the achievement of patient safety and quality through the selected improvement initiative.

3. State how legal and regulatory requirements associated with the safety and quality improvement have been implemented and monitored.

4. Adequately and appropriately define and describe all major terms, including ‘systems,’ ‘quality processes’, ‘infrastructure improvements’ and ‘effectiveness’.

5. Identify the criteria used to evaluate effectiveness of the improvement initiative in relation to quality and safety outcomes.

( Adequately and appropriately use at least (15) recently (starts from 2010), peer reviewed, academic, research /evidence-based journal articles, (preferably from quality & safety, nursing management and leadership publications) to adequately support critical analysis, discussion and evaluation )

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