Ishacemic heart disease Research Paper

Part 2 Health Education PowerPoint Presentation
Topic: Development of a health education power point presentation
You are required to deliver a health education topic (via a PowerPoint presentation) to a group of adults in the community. This presentation will be approximately 10 minutes (approximately 10-12 slides) in length. You need to choose a health problem where, you can discuss upstream (prevention) and downstream (treatment) interventions eg. whooping cough, obesity etc.
In your presentation you need to include the following information:
1. Title page- topic and your name
2. Discuss the cause/s of the health problem (i.e. behaviours/actions/illness/infections) and its consequences
to the community/population
3. Background to the health problem including statistics from the Australian or International population.
4. Discuss the risk groups for developing the health problem and rationale
5. Identify Upstream (prevention) interventions
6. Identify Downstream (treatment) interventions
7. Building health public policy- Identify the Australian and State based policies/programs related to the health
8. Reference list
Objectives of this assessment are to:
?? Reflect on the knowledge gained and illustrate this in an effective strategy for prevention of illness through media
?? Demonstrate fundamental knowledge of the Health Promotion Framework-The Ottawa Charter
?? Develop skills in Social Marketing/health education techniques and Information Technology
?? Develop effective communication skills and approaches to health education and promotion with diverse
?? Develop study skills on the topic in preparation for the examination.

Assesment criteria

Part 2- Health Education PowerPoint Presentation
Powerpoint presentation
Draws attention to the key points around the health issue. Important messages are clear to viewers. Overloading of information is avoided. Presentation is attractive and engaging. Balance is achieved between text and illustrations
Appropriate and correct information on the health problem
Discusses causes, statistics and consequences of the health problem. Discusses risk groups and rationale. Information is clear, effective and accurate. Correctly identifies upstream and downstream interventions. Identifies National and State based Healthy Public policies/programs.

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