Intelligence tests provide an overall score (the IQ), which represents general intelligence Research Paper

Around age 6, IQ becomes more stable than it was at earlier ages, and it correlates well with academic achievement. Intelligence tests provide an overall score (the IQ), which represents general intelligence, as well as an array of scores measuring specific mental abilities. In this discussion we will explore these concepts further.

As you create your discussion post, consider the following:

At what age did you take your first IQ test (consider standardized academic tests)? Should children be shown their IQ scores? What impact could that have on overall academic performances throughout their lifespan?
By the end of this discussion, you will be able to:

Summarize findings on intelligence, including academic, cultural, and environmental implications.
Complete the following:

First, visit the website, which contains an online intelligence test. After taking the test, answer the following questions: Do you think your performance on the IQ test is an accurate assessment of your intellectual ability? Why or why not? How might your educational experiences, culture, and home environment have influenced your performance? Do you believe this test would accurately predict academic achievement? Explain, using examples from the IQ test and research presented in the textbook (Chapter 9).

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