Inflammatory Process and Electrolyte Balance

Inflammation is commonly known as a negative health condition because of the various physical observations that non-medically inclined people see. However, without the process of inflammation, the process of healing would not begin. Inflammation is defined as the “body’s immediate reaction to tissue injury or damage” (Nair and Peat, 2009). This injury may be caused by: 1) infections brought about by viruses, bacteria, fungi and other parasites; 2) physical and chemical reactions of the body to various environmental agents; 3) trauma; 4) genetic problems; 5) and other immune responses (Nair and Peat, 2009; McCane et. al., 2010). In the process of inflammation, the white blood cells or the leukocytes travel to the damaged tissue to begin repair. The process in which the tissue starts repairing its damaged parts is commonly known as wound healing. Wound healing is a complex process which is composed of at least three phases. The first phase is the inflammatory phase wherein the tissue begins to achieve homeostasis once again.

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