Infant development Custom Essay

There are multiple Web sites dedicated to various stages of development throughout the life span. These may be developed by professional organizations that research topics in development or by organizations such as the American Psychological Association or the American Counseling Association that also provide member benefits. Several of these are provided in the Staying Current tab of the research guide in the Resources. Review the International Society on Infant Studies Web site, also in the Resources.

Then, find another professional society that focuses on infant development. For this second site:

Identify the Web site, providing a reference using APA formatting.
Evaluate its credibility, authorship, and the purpose that supports a topic of infant development.
Critique the Web site by answering these questions:
Is the information easily understood?
Are there credible resources upon which the information is based?
Is the information consonant with the research based on original theory?
Does the site deliver the information promised?

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