Individual care plan nutritional self analysis

Nutrition is a very important factor in the lives of human beings. Every individual must strive to ensure that the right level of nutrition is acquired in the body or system. Thus, dietary assessment is very crucial in this practice as it helps in determining the right eating discipline that attains adequate health. Dietary evaluation is the procedure of assessing the things that people eat through the usage of several or one intake indicators (McGuire & Beerman, 2011). Considerably, it is said to be the best tactic that identifies nutrients, which have the likelihood of being under, or excessively consumed by the groups or individuals of interest. Moreover, dietary assessment enables in the identification of food preferences and patterns. Find herein a self-assessment on dietary intake for a period of two days as well as its comparison to the intake that is recommended for an individual with the similar age, activity level and gender. Being a twenty years old lady of one hundred and sixty cent meters height, I weigh one hundred and ten pounds and the waist line forty centimeters. Due to accumulated stress and quite a busy lifestyle experience in the recent days, the most accessible and easy meals for me are fast foods because they are readily available in most restaurants

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