How can you apply Papleu’s theory of Interpersonal relationship to improving nursing leadership on the floor Research Paper

1. Introduction to the paper includes a few general statements on the idea of nursing theory being applied to solve problems/issues in nursing practice, regardless of the specialty area of practice. For example, why would one pick a nursing theory to solve a practice problem? Would a grand, middle-range, or practice theory be best? Does the writer have any experience in using nursing theory this way? In addition, a brief one-paragraph summary of a specific nursing theory and information on the sections of the paper are provided. The selected nursing theory can be a grand theory, a middle-range theory, or a practice theory.

Highlights of the introduction

Topic – How can you apply Papleu’s theory of Interpersonal relationship to improving nursing leadership on the floor.
-You are using a nursing theory to help solve a practice problem
*The Introduction should include;
1. a short one paragraph summary of the specific nursing theory and how you can apply it to improving nursing leadership on the floor. Supported by a scholarly reference

2. Another short paragraph summary of how you think nursing theories can be used to solve practice problems.

3. The sections of the paper listed at the end.

B. Section 1 of the body of the paper should include;
Description of the problem/issue for which strategies will be developed. The problem to be resolved must be in nursing leadership, nursing education, nursing informatics, or health policy. Scholarly evidence (in the form of a literature review) supporting the issue is included. The problem/issue could be local to one’s specific practice setting. For example, the setting might be a nursing unit, a nursing-education program, an informatics department, or a health-policy unit of a consulting firm. The problem/issue needs to be something that a nursing theory can impact, whether it solves the actual problem/issue or enables people affected by the problem/issue to deal with it. It is best if the problem/issue is from real life – something the writer of the paper has dealt with or is currently engaged in.
Some examples (these are fictitious examples)
a. A nursing unit has experienced rapid turnover of professional staff, including several nurse managers. A new nurse manager from outside of the nursing unit is appointed.

Highlights of Section 1
-Section 1 should be a comprehensive overview of what the problem is, and how the applied nursing theory (Peplau’s theory) can improve it.
-So if the issue is nursing leadership how can you apply peplau’s interpersonal relationship theory to solving it.
-Go through each step of the theory and summarize how it could be used to solve the leadership issues.

C. Section 2 of the body of the paper should include;
Applying concepts and principles from the selected theory, one strategy for resolving the identified issue is described in depth. Details on how the theory would be applied are included (consider: who, what, when, where, and how). Rationales for the strategy as well as evidence from scholarly literature are included. One ethical and/or legal aspect of the strategy is discussed. Expected outcome(s) from implementing the strategy are proposed.

Highlights for Section 2
-Identify at least 1 strategy to solve the problem in depth
-Explain how the nursing theory will be applied to the strategy for solving the problem.
-Details on how you will get the staff together, maybe implementing shared governance etc.
-Give rationales for the strategy as was as scholarly evidence to support it.
-give a great amount of detail
-Ethical aspect of the strategy ( accountability) or something to that effect
-Expected outcomes from strategy supported by scholarly evidence

D. Concluding statements include new knowledge about applying nursing theory gained by writing the paper

-Summarize key points of the paper
-state what new knowledge was gained from writing this paper.

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