Home work: Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM)

Homework Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) is defined as ways to deal with a disease other than those that physicians utilize in standard medicine. CAM encompasses several methods, both tested and untested including mind/body/spirit, vitamins/herbs/minerals, physical touch, nutrition and diet, as well as biological methods. CAM can also include acupuncture, aromatherapy, homeopathy, Tai Chi, holistic nursing, ayurvedic medicine, yoga, spiritual healing and spiritual healing. CAM is most used by cancer patients. In essence, cancer patients want to do all they can to fight the illness, cope with the symptoms of the disease and manage the side effects of chemotherapy. Hence, most of them would turn to CAM approaches including dietary supplements, natural products like herbs, as well as mind and body practices for instance massage, yoga, and acupuncture. In informing the patient about these approaches, Falvo (2011) pointed out that an understanding of the patients as partners in the patient education process is imperative. Some of the common misconceptions about CAM include:

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