Heat Disorders

Health and Medicine Heat Disorders Name: Institution: Course: Tutor: Date: Heat Disorders Heat disorders result from prolonged exposure to excessive heat. According to the SFA Medical Centre (2000), the excess heat causes body’s cooling mechanisms to break down and the result is damage in heat regulation mechanisms. The disorder is attributed to an individual’s excessive engagement in physical activities such that the production of heat in the body exceeds the normal capacity. The increase in temperature interferes with the normal body temperatures leading to permanent or temporary disturbances. The essay looks at four types of heat disorders, heat stroke, fever, heat exhaustion, and heat cramps, the symptoms of each and management. Heat Stroke Human bodies produce large amounts of internal heat, this is however counteracted by the sweating and radiation of heat processes through the skin. In periods of extreme heat though, very energy consuming activities under the sun, the efficient cooling system may fail and heat may build up to vey dangerous levels. If a person gets dehydrated, and the sweating process fails, the internal temperature rises to high levels as the cooling system is dormant.

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