Health psychology and sociology

Three (3) discussion themes. Below is a list of questions and themes that can guide the discussion in your essay. You should choose three (3) of these themes to add to your discussion—explore what the academic literature say about the theme, then relate the theme to your chosen theory and characters:
• Discuss the social model of health and illness and its relevance. What examples of the health care system are presented in the DVD and what do they indicate about how the health care system functions? (consider health care priorities, policy and practice).
• Describe psychological and social influences that contribute to how people stay healthy, and respond to a health situation (i.e. teenage pregnancy) in the DVD.
• Discuss stress and stressors, and link this to examples in the film.
• Discuss coping and identify positive coping strategies or elements of resilience
that relate to the characters in the DVD.
• What is the importance of relationships/social networks, and what do we see demonstrated in the film?
• How does loss affect the various characters in the DVD? What theory or theories of loss is/are most relevant?
• Identify the approximate age of the main characters and how age might influence how they behave, think and feel.
• Discuss gender dynamics.
• Consider social and economic status and the relevance for understanding the
decisions made.

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