Health Promotion, Substance abuse and smoking, Alcohol use and abuse Research Paper

Task 1. Health Promotion
Health promotion efforts and preventative information are widely circulated in the community. Many different topics are covered including cancer, heart disease, alcohol use, smoking, AIDS, diet, obesity and diabetes. For this exercise, monitor media sources (e.g. television, radio, magazines, billboards, information brochures, the Internet (government sites)) to find health promotion efforts that exemplify:

a) The central persuasive route
b) The peripheral persuasive route
c) Fear-arousing message type
d) Information providing message type
e) Skill building message type

For each message type/persuasive route, provide a brief definition before describing an appropriate prevention effort and explaining how it demonstrates the message type/persuasive route. How effective is each message type/persuasive route likely to be?

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