Health Education: Describe a process in your field of Health Education Custom Essay

Write an overview about Health Education. Describe a process in your field of Health Education, ex: if your field is Biology, write about an experiment from the beginning to the end: if it is Political Science describe how a bill or law is formed or a legislative policy. Identify and discuss a controversial issue or process in the Health Education field. What is the issue? What are the perspectives/positions pertaining to the issue? Why is it an issue? what does a typical career or job in the field of Health Education/Public Health? What job do you want to do in your field of study? (For that, is to teach people about behaviors that promote wellness, it could be in a hospital or clinic, you can research more into it). What are some career variations in your field of study that you might consider? You can write about Epidemiology and Behavioral and Community Health.

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