Graduate Nurses

Introduction Advancements made in life are usually scary, as there are many complexities that make progress challenging. People like being comfortable and maintaining the status quo because change and progress comes with uncertainties and the fear of the unknown (Cheeks & Dunn, 2010). Young nursing graduates expecting to graduate from university to join the clinical medicine workforce depict the aspect of progress. However, past studies have shown that a profession in clinical medicine can be quite stressful as an individual’s success can be dictated by many factors. An individual’s transition into the clinical disciplines is vital in ensuring success. However, the successful transition is dependent on various influences related to their work-environment. These factors include interpersonal communication, work-relationships, and ability to work in a team. Many fresh graduates may feel anxiety when embarking on their careers, as many factors that govern the success in the work place are not taught in schools. People have to learn them through experience in order to ensure success. This paper will highlight on the three main areas needed to ensure a successful transition into the work place and a successful career in nursing (Chakraborti, et al., 2008).

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