Improving communication with my patients and colleagues Goal The first goal that I am working on is to enhance my communication with my patients and colleagues. Objective The objective is to be in the capacity to effectively and efficiently communicate with my colleagues and patients. Timeliness and accuracy of communication is of utmost importance in the nursing profession. (Communication in Nursing) Rationale Communication in the nursing field plays a significant role in nursing. Communication is key to any organization. Well communicated information uplifts the performance in an organization. The intent of what is communicated should be amicably understood by both parties. Failure to communicate effectively in nursing profession can be vital since this is a delicate field that calls for clear information in order to avoid fatality. When information is not conveyed, there is likelihood that treatment or medications are missed. (Riley 2011) We can imagine of a situation where communication breakdown occurs. For example, one might be required to succinctly undertake a certain procedure that must be strictly followed. Failure to effectively dispatch the right information and procedure can lead people in doing the wrong thing, leading to major health complications.

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