Drug Orders and Dosage Calculations

Drug Orders and Dosage Calculations: The physician has ordered Lanoxin elixir 90 mcg p.o. daily. The available medication contains 0.05 mg/10 ml. WORKING If 0.05mg is contained in 10ml 90mg would be contained; = {(90 /0.05)*10} =180ml How many milliliters will you administer? __180ml__________________________ The physician has ordered ASA 650 mg p.o. Q 4 hr. for temperature higher than 101° F. The medication is supplied in gr V tablets How many tablets will the patient receive per dose? 650 mg -24/4 =6 times -total = 6*650 =3900mg 1 tablet =60mg – (3900/60) =65 tablets _____________________ Refer to question # 2 above. What is the maximum number of tablets the patient can receive in any 24 hour period? Duration is 4 hours -(24/4) =6 times a day =(65/6) =10 tablets The physician has ordered Synthroid 150 mcg p.o. QD. The medication is supplied as 0.15 mg/tablet. How many tablets will you administer?____1000 tablets_________________________ Total =150mg 1 tablet =0.15 mg =(150/0.15) =1000 tablets The physician has ordered KCL 30 mEq p.o. daily.

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