Drug and Substance Abuse among the Homeless. Homeless population.

Introduction The Health People 2020 initiatives are some of the yard sticks that are used by the United States Department of Health And Human Services with reference to having a much healthier nation in the decade. The initiatives that are depicted in the document are a guide for the various groups around the states dealing with the health issues of the people to develop better care programs. The 2020 initiatives totalled to eleven, covering the various aspects of the health concerns of the states (Healthy People, 2014). Among the objects that are set out in the initiatives for this decade relate to the level of drug and substance abuse among the people of the nation. This objective is set out to stream the efforts to reduce the drug and substance abuse while at the same time making sure that the quality, safety of life and the people’s health is thoroughly protected. Records indicate that, back in the year 2005, more than 22 million Americans were struggling with drug and substance, while at the same time more than 95% of the people during the time did not know that they had a problem.

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