Diagnosis and Management of Eye, Ear, Nose, and Throat Disorders Custom Essay

Diagnosis and Management of Eye, Ear, Nose, and Throat Disorders
In clinical settings, eye, ear, nose, and throat (EENT) disorders account for the majority of pediatric visits. With the prevalence of these disorders, you must be familiar with their signs and symptoms as well as evidence-based practices for assessment and treatment. Although many pediatric patients present with common EENT disorders such as ear infections, allergies, and strep throat, some patients present with rare disorders requiring specialist care. In your role, making this distinction between when to treat and when to refer is essential. For this Discussion, examine the following case studies and consider potential diagnoses and management strategies.
Case Study
A mother presents with her 2-year-old child with complaints of ear pain and decreased sleep. Earlier this week, he had a runny nose and congestion with a mild cough that occurred mostly when lying down. His temperature is 100.7°F. You note the following physical findings: shotty anterior cervical adenopathy, mild nasal congestion, clear postnasal drainage, and lungs clear to auscultation. Ear examination reveals the following: right tympanic membrane is red, translucent, in a neutral position, with no pus or fluid noted; left tympanic membrane is full, reddish orange in appearance, and opaque with pus.
Assignment Paper:
Write two pages only on this discussion assignment (Let me give you a clue, the diagnosis of this case study is ACUTE OTITIS MEDIA)
1).write an explanation of the differential diagnosis for the patient in the case study
2). Explain which is the most likely diagnosis for the patient and why.
3) Include an explanation of unique characteristics of the disorder you identified as the primary diagnosis.
4). explain a treatment and management plan for the patient, including appropriate dosages for any recommended treatments.
5).Finally, explain strategies for educating parents on their child’s disorder and reducing any concerns/fears presented in the case study.

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