Details: CASE HISTORY: Students are to focus on the followin

Details: CASE HISTORY: Students are to focus on the following case history: an adult man of 45 years with Down syndrome and a moderate intellectual disability. This man also has a chronic illness which is diabetes. You will need to select either Type 1 OR Type 2 Diabetes as your chronic illness NOT BOTH. This man lives in a community group home that is staffed by support workers and he attends a disability-specific day program Monday to Friday. You are the community nurse managing the holistic care needs of this man. The assessment criterion consists of the following guided statements: 1. Critically analyse the health challenges that may arise across this mans lifespan as a result of his Down syndrome, moderate intellectual disability and Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes. Interpret how these health challenges may impact on his health and wellbeing. (10 marks) 2. Using the ICF Model, discuss how the mans activity and participation are potentially affected across his lifespan. (10 marks) 3. Identify x1 intervention/strategy for managing diabetes from the peer reviewed literature (journals only). How will you as the community nurse adapt this strategy/intervention to ensure optimal health and wellbeing across the mans lifespan? If you selected Type 1 diabetes your intervention/strategy must focus on BSL and medication management. If you selected Type 2 diabetes your intervention/strategy must focus on physical activity and diet. (20 marks) 4. Academic writing style. (5 marks) 5. Referencing. (5 marks) NOTE: 1. Students must write an essay that consists of an introduction, a body and a conclusion plus a reference list in APA 6th Edition style with a minimum of 6 peer reviewed academic references. Reference list and in-text citations are NOT included in the word count. 2. There is a word limit of 1500 words.

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