Degenerative Changes of Aging

As one grows older, they develop changes in the body that are related to their physical aspects. These physical changes to the various organs in the body are collectively referred to as the physiological changes (Gerry & Seegmiller, 1981). These are changes that transverse from the loss of the sensory organs functionality, circulation, digestion, sexuality, bones weakening among others. Physical Changes of the Aging Adults Musculoskeletal changes As one grows older, the bones become very vulnerable to breakage. All the major joints tend to also stiffen as the ligament that join the various bones become less elastic, which can lead to pain during movement or prolonged posture. This is associated with the fact that the joints that are responsible for bearing the weight have predilection leading to the wear and tear. Some of the physicians advocate that the old should take some light exercise given that there are no known cures to the painful transition.

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