Cultural Competence: Registered Professional Nurse Responsibility Paper Custom Essay

The M6A3: Cultural Competence: Registered Professional Nurse Responsibility Paper counts as 30% of your grade for this course.
We suggest that you develop and outline and use the following time-line as your guide for completing your paper:

Week 1: Review the requirements for the paper.
Week 2: Begin developing an outline for your paper.
Week 3: You should have your outline completed.
Week 4: You should be using your outline to write your paper.
Week 5: Continue work on your paper.
Week 6: Finalize your paper and submit by the end of the week.

Information on how to use the Excelsior College Library to help you research and write your paper is available through the Library Help for AD Nursing Courses page.
Information on using an outline and writing a scholarly paper is available through the Excelsior College Online Writing Lab (OWL).
If you have questions, reach out to your instructor via My Messages.
linked item M6A3: Cultural Competence: Registered Professional Nurse Responsibility Paper
Using APA format, write a six (6) to ten (10) page paper (excludes cover and reference page) that examines culturally sensitive nursing care. The paper consists of two (2) parts and must be submitted by the close of week six (6).
A minimum of three (3) current professional references must be provided. Current references include professional publications and valid websites dated within five (5) years. Additionally, a textbook that is no more than one (1) edition old may be used.
Part 1 – Introduction
Address the following:

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